Others.... who we will truely miss here at Domino's House..
Maribelle born abt. 2004 died 10/24/2008

Wheezer born abt. 12/15/1999 died 4/24/2008

Fedex born abt. 9-8-2005 died 4/2008
One of the GREAT volunteers had trainded this kitty to shake "paws" and give kisses

Jackpot born abt. 3/25/2003 died 1/26/2008.
What a talker he was..Loved to care for the kittens.
He will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him.

Bubba born abt. 7/14/1991 died 11/5/2007.

Jangles (Dark's Brother) born abt. 12/19/2001 died 7/28/2007.

Sister Sara born 2/18/2001 died 7/18/2007.

Domino born abt. 1990 died 7/9/2007.
See Domino's Memorial HERE done by our webmaster.

Harriet born abt. 8/29/1990 died 6/19/2007.

Maryland born abt. 1989 died 6/12/2007.

BeepBeep born abt. 1989 died 12/1/2006.
"Beep passed away December 1st 2006. Beep was approaching 17 years old and will be missed by all.
Beep's favorite hobby was hanging out with Herriott, her traveling companion, to and from Maryland.
She was a very loving and a gentle kitty.
"Sleep well Beepers" "We will meet again at the Bridge""
Charlie and Maris Sine
Domino's House
Palm City, FL.

Minnie born abt. 9/7/2001 died 5/7/2006.
In Memory of Minnie Website (click here)

NC born abt. 1/2/1997 died 4/2006.

Simon born abt. 1982 died 3/12/2006.

Melissa born 5/1/2005 died 7/1/2005

Crystal born 6/25/2001 died 6/6/2005.

Tucker born 1/24/2004 died 5/4/2005.