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Rexorth A11VG Hydraulic Pump For:

Doosan Mottrol DDP-V15S

Rexroth A11VG Hydraulic Pump is the main product of Rexroth Corporation who are in the field of manufacturing and supplying hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and industrial automation products since 1921. The company produces a full range of oil-lubricated and air-lubricated equipment for customers in the construction equipment, agriculture and off-highway vehicle sectors.

Doosan Mottrol DDP-V15S is a compact, high performance machine which can be used as a stationary or mobile unit. It has been designed as a compact construction machine that can be used to build roads, dams and other projects where large volumes of soil must be moved with limited space available.

Rexroth A11VG hydraulic pump is a rugged device which performs reliably under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, pressures and vibrations encountered in this type of application. The pump has an extremely long service life thanks to its design features such as low vibration levels which help reduce wear on moving parts so they last longer than other types of pumps used in similar applications.

Daewoo solar 015-20303, Hitachi EX120-5, Excavator

Rexroth Rexroth A11VG Hydraulic Pump, Rexroth A11VG Hydraulic Pump For Hitachi EX120-5 Excavator, Rexroth A11VG Hydraulic Pump For Daewoo Solar 015-20303, Rexroth A11VG Hydraulic Pump For Caterpillar 994B Front End Loader

Rexroth A11VG Hydraulic Pump Description:

The Rexroth A11VG hydraulic pump is a compact and cost-effective solution for many hydraulic applications. The high performance of this unit is made possible by its unique design, which combines a highly efficient motor with a high power density design. The hydraulic pump uses a split casing design that requires only one seal for the entire assembly. This results in a lower operating temperature for extended life and lower maintenance costs.

The Rexroth A11VG hydraulic pump features an integrated control valve that can be easily mounted to any position within the system. This ensures easy installation and maintenance while reducing overall system complexity. The control valve features an integrated relief valve that protects the pump from overpressure conditions caused by external loads or excessive pressure build up within the return line system due to worn seals or leakage past pistons. This also allows for more accurate flow control when operating under pressure without sacrificing.

Hyundai R60-7, R80-7

Rexroth A11VG is the only original new and rebuilt parts supplier for Hyundai R60-7, R80-7.

Rexroth A11VG Hydraulic Pump is used to pump the oil from the reservoir to the power unit and back again. The hydraulic pump is attached directly to the engine or gearbox by means of a flexible drive belt.

The hydraulic pump is driven by the engine or gearbox via a timing belt, chain or gears. The hydraulic pump has a built-in relief valve that opens when excessive pressure occurs in the hydraulic circuit so that no damage will be caused by excessive pressure when starting or stopping the engine or driving at high speeds. The relief valve can also be manually opened if necessary.

The hydraulic pump is supplied as standard with a metallic impeller and spring-loaded check valve inside it to prevent leakage of fluid through its shaft seal due to vibrations during operation.



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