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​Welcome to Domino's Cat Rescue League Inc,

Whether this is your first visit or if you are a regular who comes on line to catch up or goes directly to our five acre shelter for a hands on experience, we are always happy to see you.


Domino's is a non profit NO KILL, CAGE FREE, 501 (3)(c) organization which basically means that all of our funding comes from people like you. We receive no government funding, just what you are generous enough to share with us for the care of our over 100 cats that now call us home until their forever families can be found. The donations we receive are what keep us going year after year and so far we have been moving forward for over 20 years. That isn't to say we haven't had to struggle at times to make sure everyone has what they need. For instance, Covid has caused our donations to be lower than in any other year of late. We can really use your help if you are able. And if you can't donate then think about coming out and volunteering. There are ALWAYS ways to lend a hand. From hands on work with the kitties to office work to keep our members happy (we actually have a member from Norway that saw us on a trip to the states and still helps with computer work) or helping to organize events, it all counts.

So, what is our purpose? Basically it is the care and well being of cats of all ages by offering a broad scope of comprehensive medical care to meet each cat's individual needs. Another big program of ours is the spay and neutering of feral cats to stop the proliferation of overpopulation of stray cats. Stop the problem before it starts. And one of our favorite programs is the adoptions of the Mom and kittens that come through our shelter. You may think we just send them out when we have a family for them but we don't. Each family is vetted by filling out a complete application. They also sign a sheet that states that if they can't keep the cat they will return the cat to our shelter, no questions asked. Also when the kitties leave they have a complete medical appointment which includes all their shots, blood tests and a microchip so they have a much better chance of being found and returned should they become lost. We have a long term commitment to our four legged family members.

But don't take my word for gospel please check us out in person or on the website. You can email us at or, calling us directly at +1(772)-781-5592 or +1(772)-212-5604 . Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are always available to you and look forward to you learning more about us.

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