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Sponsor a Special Needs Cat: Change Lives with Compassion

Welcome to our Sponsor a Special Needs Cat program! At Dominos Cat Rescue League, we believe that every cat deserves love, care, and a chance at a happy life. Unfortunately, some of our feline friends require extra support due to various health issues or disabilities. With your generosity and compassion, you can make a profound difference in the life of a special needs cat.

More about our special needs cats and your sponsorship options.

Our special needs cats come to us with a range of challenges, including chronic medical conditions, physical disabilities, behavioral issues, or advanced age. Despite their obstacles, these cats are filled with love and gratitude, and they thrive with the right care and attention.


Your Impact: By sponsoring a special needs cat, you provide crucial support for their ongoing care, including medical treatments, specialized diets, enrichment activities, and a safe and comfortable living environment. Your sponsorship ensures that these cats receive the love and care they deserve, giving them the best possible chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

How It Works:

  1. Choose a Special Needs Cat: Browse through our gallery of special needs cats and choose the one that touches your heart.

  2. Make Your Donation: Select the sponsorship level plan that fits your budget and make your donation through our secure online donation portal.

  3. Receive Updates: You'll receive regular updates and photos of your sponsored cat, so you can see the impact of your generosity firsthand.

  4. Feel the Joy: Experience the joy of knowing that you're making a real difference in the life of a special needs cat, providing them with the love and care they need to thrive.

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Bronze Paw: $25/month

  • Silver Paw: $50/month

  • Gold Paw: $100/month


Join Us in Making a Difference: Together, we can transform the lives of special needs cats and give them the love and care they deserve. Your sponsorship is a lifeline for these vulnerable cats, providing them with the support they need to live their best lives. Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and generosity.

Ready to make a difference? Choose your special needs cat and become a sponsor today!

Meet our extra special cats

If at any point you see a kitty that you would like to sponsor monthly simply click the "Sponsor me" button on the photo. You will be redirected to the plan selection page once you've selected your desired sponsorship amount you will be asked again which cat you would like to sponsor so please write down the kitties name youd like to care for.
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